Toto Wolff warns: this year, Mercedes “you can show your true strength”


The champion team has lifted the curtain on their season today, and the expectations are highest. After showing the W08 EQ Power+ at a wet Silverstone, Mercedes has attracted all eyes by the amount of resources imaginative that you can see in the car, at the level of aerodynamic and technical, and keeps your condition from great favorite to all, waiting to see how it evolves in the car competitively.

That optimism was reflected, though still moderate, in the statements of the members of the team, especially the chief Toto Wolff. The German has stated in the press release of Mercedes, his team has carried out a great effort for maintain the inertia winning before the “reboot” that has brought to them the new regulations that come into force this year, but don’t throw the bells to the flight:

“to Develop a new concept car has been a challenge really motivating, and I had never seen that our determination to succeed was so great. In terms of relative performance, it is clear that any change of regulation is a great reboot, but also a great opportunity. This is a time to be modest and keep your feet on the ground. None of the teams he has raced with these rules, and we all have the same points, zero. But the dominating feeling in the team is that of excitement; the factory is overflowing with anticipation.

During the season, the development of the engine will be fully released, and the possibilities for aerodynamic that opens the new regulations are extensive. For this reason, Wolff considers that “this year, the development during the season will have a big role in determining the outcome of the championship. None of us knows where we will be in the first race, but I am confident that, whatever the position, we have the people and capacity to deal with every challenge that is in our way. This will be the season in which our team of factory will be able to show his true fuerza“.

Valtteri Bottas has been premiered today at the track with his new car, and with his new monkey of competition, together with Lewis Hamilton. Wolff callssetbackthe event, which required signing (for the removal of Rosberg), but he is confident that the finn will be a tough opponent for the three-time british: “We have found a great solution with Valtteri, and I am sure that will form a solid partnership with Lewis. Both have worked hard in the factory with the technical teams and, although the dynamic that we have to handle is different from the last few years, I don’t expect that the competition between them to be less intense, and the way we like it“.

On an aesthetic level, the W08 EQ Power+ retains many of the features already seen in the cars published to date, although some of them sharpened to the limit, as its very close packaging of the engine in the rear or his innovative solutions for the suspensions, and highlight the absence of appendix front and shark fin pronounced. Wolff expects new carsto be more spectacular visually to the fans. The test will come in the first few races, but probably we have met this goal”.