Toyota 86GRMN, less weight and more power to this radical GT86


The division Gazoo Racing Toyota is giving good fruits not only in competition, but also in terms of models of street. There’s a new special edition of the Toyota GT86, which will be on sale in Japan incorporating a multitude of appealing new products, such as an aerodynamic specific, less weight and more power.

Toyota 86 GRMN owes its name to Gazoo Racing Masters of Nürburgring, and this will give you the final clue of their orientation. We are in a Toyota GT86, very exclusive, which can be made to point in Nürburgring, circuit circuits, you will become one of the versions of the model most radical ever brought to the production.

Although the Toyota 86 GRMN maintains the maximum torque of the engine of 2.0 liters and four cylinders, your power increases from the 200 HP of the standard model up to some new 219 HP. Its maximum torque also increases slightly, now with 217 Nm, while its manual gearbox adopts a more closed.


of course, the drive back (one of the hallmarks of the coupe) is still present, but there are also more improvements: thanks to a weight reduction diet and the employment of a front hood in carbon fiber or side windows of plexiglass, your weight is lowered by 45 kg.

Less weight and a fine tuning more sports to your chassis, incorporating a sport-tuned suspension of the new setting and four ventilated brake larger, with six-piston calipers on its front axle and four-piston calipers to your rear axle. Alloy wheels hold 17-inch diameter, but they fit tyres of greater width at the rear axle.

The last key aspect, but not least important, is your aerodynamics. Hence the Toyota 86 GRMN also has a lot to offer with its new splitter lower front or a large adjustable rear spoiler. This special edition of the sports will be presented in the next few weeks taking advantage of the Tokyo Auto Show 2016, and will be manufactured in a production limited to 100 units with steering wheel to the right. Its price in Japan, anything less than about 49,000 euros at the exchange.