Toyota, according to Jato Dynamics, returns to lead the global sales

The battle that rages between the brands for being the largest manufacturer of cars in the world is not something new. Over the years it was General Motors dominated with an iron fist the automotive world, but after his debacle internal has been ceding ground to other rivals. On this occasion, the best-positioned to succeed him have been the Volkswagen Group, and Toyota Engine.

The japanese group won the scepter manufacturer sold more for a couple of years in a row, but some environmental problems caused him to lose it. picked up the glove was no other than the German conglomerate and, according to their intentions, they want to continue with him a long time. However, as the saying goes “man proposes and God disposes”, and as everyone feared, the Dieselgate them is starting to spend bill.

According to the data provided by the consulting firm Jato Dynamics to the economic magazine Forbes, the Volkswagen Group would have gone from being the first manufacturer in the world to being the third. According to their numbers, the total sales of the German conglomerate until the month of April have been 3.4 million units, representing a growth of only 0.7 per cent.

Toyota Motor has managed to enroll at the global level during the first four months of the year 3,53 million units, representing a growth of 7.8 per cent. However, Toyota is not alone in this race as the Renault-Nissan Alliance, after the acquisition of Mitsubishi, has increased its sales up to 3,47 million units. The alliance has increased its deliveries by 7.4 percent and it is positioned as the second manufacturer in the world.

is Certain that the space between the French Alliance and japanese-the Volkswagen Group is minimal, but if the sales continue at this pace, the German conglomerate will have it difficult to reach the silver. However from here to the end of the year, still many things can happen, so now, more than ever, it must meet the forecasts that have been made responsible for the signatures if you do not want to lose the rhythm that they carry.

so soon the Volkswagen Group need a miracle, but as already happened once, the same have a second chance. Bets.

Source – Jato Dynamics

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