Toyota also sees it as its profits fall in the first half

Toyota Logolike the rest of japanese brands, Toyota is presenting these days their accounts during the first half of this fiscal year. In addition, as is happening to Nissan, is achieving economic results that are very similar as they play in the same ground and the same currency. It is true that the sales for the two firms have not gone as well as they had planned, but the main problem are found with the change of its local currency, the Yen.

Toyota Motor Corporation has presented a fall of 43 per cent in its operating profits globally in the second quarter of its fiscal year. The basic reason is centered on the loss of value suffered by the Yen against other foreign currencies such as the dollar or the euro. In addition, in the united States has had to offset the gains with the increased discounts offered to customers to close sales.

Toyota C-HR Launch EditionIf we focus in the first six months of the fiscal year of 2016 to the fall of its benefit has been less and has been located in a 36 per cent. This situation is the result of the war that has Toyota with the Volkswagen Group by the end of the year as the largest manufacturer of cars in the world. This time, however, the manufacturer nippon, after three years presenting very positive results, it is presenting a few accounts more in line with the global situation that lives the sector.

To avoid this situation, Toyota is engaged in a restructuring in its home country. To do this have been adjusted to the maximum of their sales forecasts and, with it, the manufacture of their cars. Next to it there will also come a new offensive products to the united States, a very important market for the japanese firm and in the that by now they are losing a little of the ground gained in these past years.

Source – Toyota Motor Company