Toyota and Daihatsu create new brand for emerging markets


Emblems of Toyota and Daihatsu.

Toyota has announced the creation of a new joint-venture company with Volvo, now a subsidiary of Toyota, whose goal would be the creation of compact models for emerging markets. The name of the new company will be “Emerging-market Compact Car Company”, a name very descriptive, which we understand will not come to the customers, and that you will enjoy any trademark to be able to name their models.

In fact, the official communication of the japanese company has been very descriptive in terms of the structural aspects and administrative matters of the new company, which will form a separate entity from both brands, and will be composed of three divisions: Emerging-market Compact Car, Product & Business Planning Division, Emerging-market Compact Car Product Planning Division and Emerging-market Compact Car Quality Planning Division.

a Few names kilometre just want to differentiate between the different business areas, such as the development of the product or the commercial area.


organizational Chart of the new company.

This new division will have as its objective the creating and marketing models for emerging markets, that is to say, those markets of developing countries or of economies of the background. Where, and according to the own statement of the brand, “establishing work processes neglected by the standards and practices of conventional and enter cars competitive every time best, based on the approach of Daihatsu to make products affordable and of high quality”.

In summary, make cut models economic but with more quality of which usually can be found in this type of market.

For the moment, none of the firms has detailed the type of models
with the that will comprise this new range, nor the name of the
signature that will be marketed these models. The same
way, has not been communicated the time frame that handles the
company, so that it is not known when will be the possible date of
of its first product.