Toyota and Lexus are still unrivalled in Spain in terms of hybrids, NOT plug-in refers

Prueba Toyota Auris Hybrid

The bet by Toyota in hybrid vehicles dates back to the late 90’s, when I debuted in Japan, first generation Toyota Prius. Since that time, the japanese constructor has focused on the development and improvement of the mechanical hybrid, by combining the propellant heat of gasoline and the other electric. Many doubt their product in a first moment, but the sales records clearly have given them the reason.

In Spain, a traditional market, and that finds it hard to adapt to the technological changes, it is increasingly easy to cross with a hybrid vehicle, either by the road or by the city; and because we speak not only of taxis. Speaking of hybrid vehicles is to talk about Toyota, and is, without doubt, it is the brand that most offers possibilities in this field with vehicles electrified in virtually all segments.

Lexus CT200h 2011-2012

Lexus, the Premium brand of Toyota Motor Corp., it also has a wide range of hybrid vehicles. In fact, this brand considered as the “Mercedes japanese” offers no diesel version. Between Toyota and Lexus have almost made the Top10 of hybrid models marketed in our country, having five models from Toyota and four Lexus among the most sold.

According to the data handled by the DGT, and bearing in mind that we are referring to passenger cars, hybrids do not plug-in, the best-selling of all was the Toyota Auris hybrid, that between the version of five doors and the family Touring Sports reach 10.847. Immediately after you find the Toyota Yaris hybrid and the RAV4 hybrid with 5.854 and 4.833 sales respectively. In fourth and fifth place would be the Lexus NX and CT, 2.379 and 1,364 sales; followed by the Toyota Prius+ and the Lexus IS, which have enrolled 1.080 and 815 units. In the eighth place would be the Kia Niro, and in ninth and tenth position the new Toyota C-HR and the Lexus RX.

Toyota Auris
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