Toyota and Lexus have already sold 100.000 hybrids in Spain

24 Horas Híbridas de Toyota

there’s little left for the end of the year and in Toyota and Lexus have sought to recapitulate and take stock. During 2016, the two brands have achieved an important milestone in the market, have reached the number of of 100,000 hybrids sold in Spain. It arrives at this number by adding up sales from the year 2000, when he saw the light the first-generation Toyota Prius. This precursor only sold 11 units that year.

The market has evolved a lot since then and the sales growth of hybrid vehicles is still notable. Between Toyota and Lexus, it took them six years to sell its first 25,000 units in our market. However, it has gone from 75,000 units to 100,000 in only eleven months. The fault has a hybrid range that has been nurturing each time with more models.

Toyota y Lexus 100.000 híbridos

Of the 100,000 hybrids sold in these years, 77.000 units correspond to Toyota and the 23.000 units remaining to Lexus. The model that best has been sold is the Toyota Auris Hybrid, as it has reached a figure of 30,000 units. The next on the list could not be other than that of the Toyota Prius with 25,000 units. The Lexus the most sold is the CT, a compact that builds up 7,000 units, followed by the RX, the SUV that takes you sold 6,000 units.

Currently the ‘fever ‘ hybrid’ invades these two brands. Of the total sales of Toyota around a 41% share of hybrid vehicles. In Lexus is more drastic still, for 99.9% of their sales are hybrids. And this it is expected to continue as well, both of which have new models that repuntarán these data. The Toyota C-HR, which we tested recently sure that will work well in the market, while the Lexus LC 2017 will bring exclusivity.

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