Toyota announced its new modular platform tnga


Toyota takes the same path as Volkswagen to announce modular platform with which give life to their upcoming models. It is called Toyota New Global Architecture (tnga) set to debut this year with a new product.


Toyota New Global Architecture T oyota decided to face the future with the so-called Toyota New Global Architecture new modular platform with which the Japanese lays the groundwork for new generation of products .

The aims of this new architecture is related to drastic weight reduction versatility, since that basis may come to life vehicles of different segments and significant savings in costs production, estimated at 20%.

The savings associated with the versatility allows for the fact that on the same basis to produce a large number of models, share many structural parts together , plus plants motor and transmissions, but by no means all products look the same, because as many of these shared items will be hidden under the body.

The first product based on the new platform will be announced later this year.

Furthermore, in reviewing development methodologies, the productivity of assembly lines and the link with suppliers so that we can maximize existing resources .

But not everything is related to production costs, as another objective is to be able achieve more light vehicles , which becomes one of the pillars of this new architecture. This will be sought vehicles that weigh less and have a lower center of gravity, which are improve their energy efficiency and dynamic performance.

Also ensure that new structures in the tnga platform will between 30 and 65% more rigid compared to those used in current models. Moreover ensure that the weight amount and new propellants, allow one reduction in fuel consumption will be in the order of 25% , while the engine power is increased by one 15 %.

The first product based on this new platform will debut this year, but will also be the basis for the next Corolla and Prius among others.

Toyota New Global Architecture





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