Toyota Auris 2016, improvements in the mechanical Hybrid and more connectivity

toyota-auris-2016-1Toyota Spain begins marketing in our country of the Toyota Auris 2016. both the body compact five-door as the family Touring Sports in the Auris receive a series of developments, which affect the (mechanics of the hybrid versions, the color palette and other improved equipment. There are No aesthetic changes to the Toyota Auris 2016.

One of the most important improvements that receives the Toyota Auris 2016 is not visible from the outside. Affects hybrid versions and aims to solve one of the things I least like to the public and to the press of the Toyota Auris Hybrid. The brand has worked on the software of the hybrid propulsion system to achieve a better alignment between the engine speed and the speed of the car, in order to seek a sense of acceleration to be more linear and enjoyable.

Toyota Auris 2016 Toyota Touch & Go 2In terms of equipment, the main novelty of the Toyota Auris 2016 is the embodiment of the multimedia system Toyota Touch 2 and Toyota Touch 2 & GO (with browser) with 7″ touch screen. We have enhanced many of the functionalities of the system as well as their menus. Of series the system offers three years of updates to the TomTom, traffic alerts, speed cameras, fuel prices, parking and weather forecast. Applications Google Search, Google Street View, Aupeo!, Aha and Twitter are compatible with the system.

The offer mechanics of the Toyota Auris 2016 remains unchanged, offering the engine 1.2 turbo petrol 116 HP (120T), the diesel and 1.4 and 1.6 of 90 and 111 HP (90D and 115 (D) as well as the variant Hybrid of 136 HP. The endings are still Business, Active, Feel! and Advance and there are no new developments except for the incorporation of the keyless entry and start in Feel!. The color palette is enriched with the colours Grey Meteor, and Blue Ocean.

Prices Toyota Auris 2016 in Spain

Toyota Auris 2016

Engine Change Finish Price 5p Price TS
Hybrid 136 HP CVT Business 18.000 € 18.950 €
Hybrid 136 HP CVT Active of 18,500 € 19.750 €
Hybrid 136 HP CVT Feel! 19.850 € 21.100 €
Hybrid 136 HP CVT Advance 21.700 € 22.950 €
120T 116 CV Manual 6v Active 15.500 € 16.750 €
120T 116 CV Manual 6v Feel! 18.150 € 19.400 €
90D 90 HP Manual 6v Business 15.850 € 16.800 €
90D 90 HP Manual 6v Active 16.550 € 17.800 €
90D 90 HP Manual 6v Feel! 18.200 € 19.450 €
115D 111 CV Manual 6v Active of 18,500 € 19.750 €
115D 111 CV Manual 6v Feel! 20.170 € 21.400 €
115D 111 CV Manual 6v Advance 22.100 € 23.350 €

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