Toyota Avensis 2016, releasing the latest version of the system, Toyota Touch 2

Toyota Avensis 2016

The Toyota Avensis 2016 premiered the exterior color, Platinum Bronze.

Toyota Avensis 2016 is set to point to go on and face their main rivals for the remainder of the year. The range of the Avensis has received news as interesting as that of (technological as aesthetic. And, as could not be otherwise, for the two types of body: Sedan and Touring Sports. But, what is the news premiered the Toyota Avensis? You described during the following paragraphs of this article.

In the first place, the paragraph technology of the Avensis has been reinforced with the introduction of the latest version of the infotainment system Toyota Touch 2. Associated with a touch screen of considerable dimensions, the main menu has been redesigned and now provides access to the portal My Toyota for the firm’s clients. All this in an environment more streamlined and simple to use.

in Addition, the package of satellite navigation has been streamlined and is offered in a single option. And along with the package browser by satellite, Toyota now offers three years of maps and free updates during that period of time. A promotion that, for a fee, you can increase in two years more of service. Recall that the system can be linked to online services such as Google Search, Google StreetView, Aupeo!, Aha and Twitter.

Toyota Avensis Touring Sports 2016

Another of the main novelties in the range of the Avensis is the latest version of the system Toyota Touch 2.

Another novelty, and as an aesthetic, that we find in the current range of Toyota Avensis is a new exterior paint. This is the color Platinum Bronze. In addition, along with the tonality, Toyota has updated the available designs of alloy wheels of 16 inches to provide a greater range of possibilities to customize the sedan or model of the automobile family.

Going to the (mechanical, there are no new developments. The different options that were available to us to date are still intact. Among them, the new engines 1.6 and 2.0 liters that comply with the regulations in the anti-pollution Euro VI. All these novelties are already on sale in Spain.

Recall that the Toyota Avensis is a model design and built in Europe. Currently there are no details about possible changes in prices. Obviously, in the case of the painting (optional), and of the wheels, will mean a surcharge on the base rate of the model itself. In general terms, the range must not have suffered changes in this aspect.