Toyota Aygo X-Cite, special suit in blue and black

toyota aygo x cite Toyota Aygo X Cite, traje especial en azul y negro it is undeniable that the new generation of Toyota Aygo has personality. This time most of his brothers PSA aesthetic and commitment to customization as one of its main strengths is cleared. Along the model’s launch in January, Toyota launched the first special edition X-Cite Aygo in orange (x-orange). Now the Japanese brand put back on sale the special edition X-Cite, but with a cyan exclusive for the body.

The special edition X-Cite is accompanied by other details, but the most striking is the X black front standard across the range Aygo. He is accompanied by the roof, mirrors and alloy wheels 15 “and the trim of the rear bumper is also black. In the Inside there are some special details in the same blue cyan body as aerators moldings, door inserts or edged mats, which marry perfectly with black leather upholstery or black piano other details.

aygo x cite naranja Toyota Aygo X Cite, traje especial en azul y negro

X-Cite Toyota Aygo x-orange

The only engine available for the Toyota Aygo X-Cite is the three-cylinder gasoline 1.0 to 70 horsepower , the one with which the utility is sold. Customer choice is the gearbox, which can be manual or five-speed piloted (x-shift) of the same number of speeds. The starting price for the Aygo X-Cite, which is already available in the dealer network is 11,600 euros.

The innovations introduced by Toyota in the Aygo range and far beyond there new customization . There are two new packages called x-mask plus and x-tense.El first costs 350 euros and includes mirror housings, pillars and decorative molding on the rear bumper in the same color as the X when this is silver or white. The second, for € 100, carrying the black color X to the A-pillars and mirrors. Some of the customization options are now cheaper .

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