Toyota C-HR 2016: we tell you everything that can be known up to date (and no, it is not the anti-Nissan Juke Toyota)

Toyota is preparing the imminent launch of a new SUV, a new SUV of the segment C. Yes, the Toyota C-HR will come to the streets. It would be within little, very little, and we can tell because the first clues about it, what we offer?how is it positioned in the segment?What will happen with the Toyota RAV4?

This Toyota C-HR will seek to offer a perspective more “passionate” than alternatives like the Nissan Qashqai or Renault Kadjar:

Confirmed, the Toyota C-HR production will be presented at the next Geneva motor show.

Passionate. It will be an SUV more passionate than the Toyota RAV4 and there lies mainly the power of differentiation compared to this. The own Fabio Capano, to the front of the product communication of the brand, was quoted in this approach during a recent press conference in which they pointed out to a profile more familiar to the RAV4 in front of a profile more “bachelor” for the C-HR.

In practice, this will result on the one hand in more complex shapes and bold, another in a habitability less than the RAV4, but it has also been pointed out also in a better dynamic, a better set-point, driving is more interesting. The Mazda CX-3 is now a reference to the subject, without addressing alternatives of greater substance as the Porsche Macan clear.

An internal source would have already a length of 4.35 metres, which would be slightly below the Nissan Qashqai, with 4.37 metres.

For more details of the mechanics we will have to keep waiting, but no, not missing one option hybrid. Remember that in addition to Toyota has recently presented the variant hybrid of the Toyota RAV4.