Toyota C-HR: advance rival Nissan Juke will arrive in showrooms in 2016


Toyota just show a new iteration of prototype Toyota C-HR Concept . Why so much interest in a prototype like this? Why Toyota continues to work creating new versions of this prototype? For one thing, Toyota has just confirmed that the C-HR Concept first presented with three-door body, and now five-door, arrive in showrooms next year . Toyota is committed to a crossover compact dimensions that have to deal with the Juke Nissan and Renault Captur, among others. How do you intend to get it?

Toyota will launch a crossover of very small dimensions, to rival Nissan Juke and Renault Captur, next year. It was officially presented at the 2016 Geneva Motor Show in March.

The Toyota C-HR uses the new modular platform of the brand , the Toyota New Global Architecture (tnga). With this new platform, more versatile and flexible in designing a car, Toyota has been able to take venturing into new terrain for the brand. And it has a really aggressive and fascinating, to design disproportionate. The final model, which will be presented at the Geneva Motor Show in March 2016, will enjoy a more sober look close to what we see in others crossover urban.

In any case, Toyota says its new crossover urban inherit many of the features of this prototype , relying on style, and that aggressiveness to become a new bestseller in its class.


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In addition to aesthetics, high waist, his muscular with wheels 21 “and other aesthetic solutions look very striking, Toyota have used a mechanical hybrid of which have not provided too many details.

not know if it is possible to see a crossover compact at dealerships with two body styles, three and five-door . For if it is true the first prototype Toyota C-HR Concept was presented with only three doors, this iteration has opted for a five-door design in the rear are integrated camouflaged to enjoy the visual impression of a three doors.

Now, can you imagine this prototype dealers? Well, it takes note, it will happen in 2016.

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