Toyota calls review 744.000 Siennas fault in the doors

Toyota Sienna

The car manufacturer japanese, Toyota, is still working to improve the safety of their cars and customers. Recently he hurled a call to review in Spain and half the world for several of its models for potential problems in the airbags (Takata) and now doing the same with another model and case. The Toyota Sienna is the monovolúmen largest that the manufacturer sells in the united States and several western markets and is the lucky, on this occasion, to be reviewed in their official services.

This great monovolúmen account with two doors side sliding of electric opening. Well, as reported by Toyota Motor Corporation in the united States these doors could fail due to an overload in the electrical system of the car. The reason is that the fuse that protects the system of opening and closing of the electric doors do not hold the intensity of the current which will send the circuit and therefore the jump would be that the doors could open in under certain circumstances.

Toyota Sienna

The brand has been called initially to 744.000 units of the Sienna in the united States and several markets that has been able to be exported by exporters parallel. In Spain not sold this model as such, but if there are some units still circulating, thanks to companies that have brought to our country. For this reason, the owners that have a and are unaware if they have been called to pass through the workshop, should contact with your service officer nearest to see if they are within the units called to go through the workshop.

The brand has commented that the affected units by this call to review are those manufactured between the years 2011 to 2016. You have not said anything about the existence or non-existence of possible accidents or mishaps to any of its customers and therefore we do not know if there has been anyone injured by the fault of the doors. What has been reported is that they are working hard to give a solution to this problem.

Source – Toyota Motor Corporation