Toyota Camatte Hajime, ride your own style SUV Jeep

toyota camatte hajime 1 e1434481908588 Toyota Camatte Hajime, móntate tu propio todoterreno de estilo Jeep Surely you remember the Toyota Camatte, a series of extremely customizable and changing cars. This year Toyota presents his Camatte Hajime from the Tokyo Toy Show, a new version for this removable vehicle that brings an aesthetic terrain strongly reminiscent of old Jeep .

If you do not remember, we do. The cars are Camatte fully functional , only Toyota wanted the focus to be absolutely playful cars. Even as toys. With them aims to encourage teamwork between parents and children; also transmit the values ​​of the car.

toyota camatte hajime e1434481989948 Toyota Camatte Hajime, móntate tu propio todoterreno de estilo Jeep How do you do? For with the same fully configurable base . A Camatte is a basis that each user can customize to your liking with different bodies. In fact we have already shown some kind roadster body and now we have this nice SUV.

Inside there three seats so that the kid can drive, with all the controls of a normal car, and parents have to watch him and teach the child to handle a device that he may have built. Obviously not talking about large benefits, but a functionality that fits the basics.

The boy or girl can make the car as you like with different panels , which change color and shape. So, we can get both this SUV like a sports. Change the panels is simple but requires work in which mounting basics are learned and also teamwork , which is one of the foundations of this Toyota Camatte.

Source – Toyota

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