Toyota Camry 2018: the japanese model incorporates versions TRD and Modellista

Toyota Camry TRD 2018

Toyota Camry TRD 2018. Is already a reality in the country of the rising sun.

Although for the moment these two versions will be available exclusively in the country of the rising sun, the new Toyota Camry 2018 may already be set up in Japan in two new endings: TRD and Modellista. Both come to offer a unique finish that modify significantly the picture that it offers the sedan from Toyota.

The new Camry, in your specific configuration for the japanese market, presents very slight differences with respect to the model can be found in the showrooms of north america. The most notable changes are found in both bumpers, the headlights and the group of lenses in the rear have been slightly revised. The truth is that little more difference in both models (leaving to one side the position of the driving position).

The two new versions that are landed in the market to enrich the range of the Toyota Camry, is equipped with a body kit only. In the case of the Toyota Camry TRD we found a splitter up front along with some new LED lights for daytime driving, new alloy wheels of larger size. For its part, the Toyota Camry Modellista seeks to provide a more elegant and exclusive. In addition to a bumper specific, fit some alloy wheels of special design for this version.

Toyota Camry 2018 - interior

Of time, versions TRD and Modellista Toyota Camry will be available only in Japan.

Another detail to keep in mind is that both versions do not show the body bittern, something that we saw when the new generation of the Camry made its debut at the beginning of the year during the last Detroit Auto show 2017.

on the other hand, we have an image of the interior of the Toyota Camry japanese in which we appreciate a sober atmosphere and warm. The finishes convey a great feeling of quality, especially the wood details. The screen of the system of info-entertainment, Toyota is integrated perfectly in the center console. All the elements are positioned toward the driving position.

Toyota Camry TRD and Camry Modellista do not contribute news. In images we see that come associated with the mechanical hybrid that uses as main block an internal combustion engine of four cylinders. Depending on market, will be present such variant or engine 3.5 direct-injected V6 or the 2.5-liter engine Dynamic Force of four cylinders. The new generation of the Camry makes use of the platform TNGA, the new architecture of Toyota.