Toyota Camry to enter fully into the turbo era

If there is an example of prudence applied to the world of four wheels, is Toyota Camry . Or the Honda Accord, but right now we are talking about Toyota, which remains one of the best selling cars in the world and one of the bestsellers in the United States. The standard car, that is the Toyota Camry. It will be all boring we want, but it is the standard against which any competitor is measured and the vehicle that the average American believes their standard . A standard that is about to jump on the turbo was.

The most reactionary to change car also passed completely to the turbo era.

a tremendously successful company car fleets, alquiladoras and generally as mobility solution . Its base version – the best-selling by far – 2.5 uses a gasoline engine, an atmospheric connected to an automatic transmission with 190 horsepower. Its top version used 3.5-liter V6 that develops 268 hp . It’s not a car just mechanically stressed, and maybe that’s the key to reliability. Its top version soon release a 2.0 turbo , with a similar power.

This is the same engine which has already released the Lexus IS 200t, of which I have spoken a few weeks ago. This engine develops a maximum torque of 350 Nm and a maximum power of 245 hp . They are very slightly lower than the V6 values, but the 2.0 turbo Toyota still has much room for enhancement. Even it rumored that the engine could grow in displacement – until about 2.5 liters. – Looking for more torque and reliability , or even run in Atkinson cycle instead of a conventional Otto cycle

What is clear is that in a time of around one year reach these improvements, which come in addition to the hand of a new automatic gearbox eight relations . It seems that the Camry gradually enter the modern age. The new Chevrolet Cruze is only offered with a 1.4 Turbo ECOTEC of 153 hp and downsizing is gaining more strongly in an era that has left high displacements and high fuel consumption. What do you think a Camry engine turbo?

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