Toyota Connected wants to facilitate life to drivers


The automotive world is in a constant remodeling technology to the models developed by companies are always the order of the day. The coach connected is one of the latest trends and companies such as Toyota found expanding their R & D departments in order to provide efficient services for these new vehicles.

Toyota Connected Inc. is the new subdivision created by the japanese giant, which will improve and take a step beyond the sector of the vehicles connected. In this department will be responsible above all of the analysis of data and development of predictive that have as a goal to offer a driving experience more natural and at the same time more safe and practical.

For this new tour, Toyota will not be alone because that will draw your collaboration with Microsoft and together will accelerate the work of I+D, will deliver new vehicle systems connected and will improve the user experience. Some Microsoft engineers will work side-by-side with the Toyota-Connected in new facilities whose headquarters are located in Plano, Texas.

Among the new tools to be adopted by Toyota is the, increasingly used in these types of services, platform Azure of Microsoft. In this platform, we will compile all the services that will support the vehicle and even the other that will connect well with services to the home, Internet of things, integration Smart cities, etc…

The news Toyota Connected wants to make life easier for drivers was originally published in by Peter Marin.