Toyota considers to launch a pick-up hybrid


Toyota Hilux, is currently marketed in the european market.

The pick-up seem to be living the beginning of a golden era in the old continent. Manufacturers of first level as Renault and Mercedes-Benz have unveiled their new models of this type. And in case outside little, for the Spanish market it is expected that its sales will grow significantly taking into account that, in addition to increasing available supply, the pick-up will be considered as passenger cars by the DGT (General Direction of Traffic).

Toyota is one of the brands that has in the pipeline several models of this nature. Recently, during the last Frankfurt motor show 2017 the japanese firm held the half-century history of one of their pick-up truck, the Hilux. To commemorate this important anniversary, the company introduced the Toyota Hilux Invincible 50. Are important times for pick-up of Toyota, and proof of this are the statements made by a high position of the brand.

Ed Laukes, Vice president Marketing Toyota north America, has revealed interesting details about the future plans of the company with respect to the pick-up. Laukes has been confirmed that Toyota are studying the possibility of launching a pick-up hybrid in the american market. In statements to a specialized medium, has ensured that a vehicle of these characteristics with a mechanical electrified it would be a perfect addition to the range of the brand.

Toyota Tacoma

Tacoma, another of the pick-up of Toyota. It is produced and marketed in the united States.

more Specifically, the words of Laukes have been the following when asked about this issue: “there is no reason why we should not have in our range a pick-up hybrid. We are exploring all options and this is one of them. We analyze all the possibilities”. Let us remember that one of the rivals of Toyota in the united States, Ford, has confirmed the launch of a F-150 hybrid in the year 2020 and which will be sold in north America and the Middle East.

If we take into account this factor, it is not unreasonable to think that Toyota wants to enter the fight with a product itself. From the statements of Ed Laukes we can also extract other fact very relevant, and that is that the engineers of the company nippon are working on a new platform that will be used specifically in pick-ups and full-size SUVS. In particular, in the new generation of the following vehicles: 4Runner, Sequoia and Tundra.

From Toyota shuffled some forecasts of continued growth of the demand of the pick-up and SUV in the principal markets for the automotive industry.