Toyota Corolla Axio 50 Limited: celebrating half a century of life of the Corolla

Toyota Corolla Axio 50 Limited

The new Toyota Corolla Axio 50 Limited is a limited edition exclusive to the japanese market.

Toyota is celebrating the half-century life of one of its models more historical. The Toyota Corolla. To commemorate this important anniversary, the well-known manufacturer has presented a limited edition that will be marketed (to our regret) exclusively in the japanese market. This is the new Toyota Corolla Axio 50 Limited and will only be produced 500 units.

on the basis of their own “Axio”, the new Toyota Corolla Axio 50 Limited has a whole series of details and specific finishes that make reference to a classic model released to the market in the year 1966. Is more, just take a look at the images that accompany this article to find that, for example, both dwellings convey feelings and emotions very similar.

Taking a first glance at the exterior of this limited edition of the Toyota Corolla, we find a few LED headlights, a new lower grille and side skirts, as well as a alloy wheels of 16 inches of size. On the other hand, if we look behind, we see a group of riders in the rear are also LED technology. All of these items are equipped.

Toyota Corolla Axio 50 Limited - interior

will Only be produced 500 units of the Toyota Corolla Axio 50 Limited.

Leaving to one side the outside and looking at the images of cabin, we will see a few sport seats details in piano black and some finished in red color. A contrast really interesting that he makes reference to the Corolla’s original. In addition, it has also added the badges “50 Limited”.

┬┐And what is the (mechanical? Because there are no new developments, continues to enjoy the same mechanics that uses your own Toyota Corolla Axio. Therefore, if we take a look under your hood, we will find a hybrid system composed by an engine 1.5-liter Atkinson as well as a small electric motor and a automatic gearbox type CVT. The hybrid system yields a power of 101 HP and 111 Nm of torque.

For the moment is unknown the price that will have, although as we say, will only be sold in the japanese market. In the month of July 2013, it reached 40 million units sold of the Toyota Corolla. An entire world success.