Toyota exceeds nine million hybrids sold


Toyota builds more than 9 million hybrids sold

Toyota announces that the April 30, 2016 exceeded holgadamente 9 million hybrid vehicles sold in all the world. The japanese company is the leader of sales of this type of engines with a strong range of hybrid vehicles both in your brand Toyota as in its subsidiary, premium Lexus.

The new milestone is achieved almost 19 years after that to put on sale its first hybrid model in August of 1997. Not only a great economic benefit to the manufacturer but also had a very positive impact on the environment.


estimates of Toyota’s dictate that have been spared approximately 67 million tonnes of CO2 and 25,000 million liters of gasoline. For this reason, they have taken into account the number of hybrids sold, distances travelled and fuel efficiency in comparison with the combustion vehicles of all life.

Since he began his career with the hybrids, Toyota has not done more than increase sales year by year. Your goal in these moments is to remain the sales leader in this type of engines reaching the 1.5 million hybrids per year and propose a new milestone: to accumulate 15 million hybrids sold in 2020.

In Spain, the hybrid range of Toyota begins in the Yaris Hybrid 1.5 HSD e-CTV 100 HP whose price recommended started from the 18.300 € which costs the finish City. Continues with the Toyota Auris Hybrid 136 HP from the 22.470 € in the format of a five-door or 23.470 € for the body family Touring Sports, to finally arrive at the well-known Toyota Prius of new generation propellant hybrid 1.8 L e-CTV from 29.990 €.

models Lexus hybrid boot from the CT 200h for 23.900 € up to very top, where the range will be filled with the spectacular sporty hybrid Lexus LC 500h.