Toyota expands its range with the RAV4 hybrid

After your presentation last April in the Hall of New York, the japanese brand introduced in the Spanish market, the hybrid version of the RAV4, thus completing the range of your off-road C-SUV that, until now, offered only a variant petrol and the other diesel.

The main highlight of this RAV4 hybrid is its engine, as of today the most powerful of the range with 197cv power that gives the combination of a gasoline engine 2.5 l 152cv with a electric thruster 105 kW and that, will offer an acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h in 8,3 seconds homologando a consumption of just 4.6 l/100km and three driving modes: EV, Eco and Sport, the latter with a touch more sporty, and the ability to select the sequential shift Shiftmatic of the brand.


in Addition to its engine, highlights its front-wheel drive or full AWD, and it is the versions with all-wheel-drive E-Four added to the action of an electric motor on the rear axle in those times when it is necessary, it will be the one that will allow you to have the most traction, with a capacity of trailer from 1,650 kg.

As a new integrated Monitor of panoramic vision 360 degrees for easy maneuvering, the device Rear Cross Traffic Alert and detector dead angle. These can also be completed with the Toyota Safety Sense, another package of technological improvements, this time to prevent accidents with elements such as the Security System PrecolisiĆ³n with pedestrian detection, Warning of involuntary change lanes, Control of Cucero adaptive, intelligent Control of road lighting and system of recognition of traffic signs.

, you Can enjoy our complete gallery of photos of the Toyota RAV4 hybrid