Toyota FJ Cruiser Ultimate Edition: the 4×4 more retro next to disappear


The mastodóntico FJ Cruiser.

Although it disappeared long ago in most markets where it was available, the strange but eye-catching FJ Cruiser continued to sell in its market, native, in Japan. Where it will also be removed soon, as the brand already has announced a special edition of farewell to the mastodóntico off-road.

The FJ Cruiser was born, now 12 years old, in 2005, as a sort of rival retro design-cool for the now defunct new range of Hummer of General Motors. Taking the design of the Land Cruiser FJ40 classic, tremendously appreciated in many markets, the FJ Cruiser had a fancy design on a huge and high body assembled to the robust frame rails of the Land Cruiser.

Its conception started in the mid-nineties, when the u.s. division of Toyota, in cooperation with the Akio Toyoda, they began to develop a sort of successor to the FJ40 original with high capabilities off-road. The exterior design was done by the Calty Studio Toyota, in California, and before his arrival there were several concepts, such as the Rugged Sports Coupe concept of 2001, created before the adoption of the final design final.


retro Décor to the Final Edition.

Unveiled in the united States for the first time with his final appearance in 2003, it was not until 2005 that the model was not presented in its final format production, beginning to be manufactured the following year. Marketed in numerous continents, except in Europe, where it was only available as imported, had a single mechanical, a V6 4.0 liter that initially had 242 HP (239 hp), and the final specification with 276 HP.

In 2013 it was leaving the u.s. market, and it was not until 2016 that was removed in the other big squares, such as Australia or the Middle East. Until now was available in Japan, where from October will be launched the new limited edition farewell, of which the brand has not revealed its production. So there has only been limited to predict that expected on the market some 200 units monthly of the model once it is available this new special edition in dealers.

This new version Final Edition has 20-inch wheels, finished in black for the exterior plastics and a curious painting of beige color in the body, which gives it a touch oldies. At the mechanistic level with the latest evolution of the V6 1GR-4E 4.0-liter, with 276 HP and 380 Nm of torque, and all-wheel drive system with automatic transmission. Your price will be 3.492.720 yen, a few 26.388 euros at the current exchange rate.