Toyota grows 21.8% this year, with more than 52,000 units sold

While there is more than a month to close the year 2015, all manufacturers have begun to show the results of a year that is expected to close with a high increase in sales. Toyota is one of the first to give figures of balance, it will be because it shows delighted after having grown up 21.8% over last year.


The range of Toyota increased its sales by 21.8% with respect to last year

Approximately 52,000 units sold in 2015, nearly 10,000 more than in 2014. An incredible result that is based on a strong bet by the technologies of hybridization. Segment in which Toyota dominates the national market, accumulating a total sales of over 13,000 units.

of course we can not forget the aid of the Government, and the different plans PIVE, which will continue to occur until the middle of next year. Year after year Toyota has made a strong commitment by the hybrid, and today they represent 26% of their sales, thanks in part to the success of Toyota Yaris Hybrid and the Toyota Auris of the same name.

however there is that to look to the future, and the early estimates is that the 2016 will close with a total of 58.000 units sold, an increase which, without getting to be this year, we are reminded that the PIVE8 will end in July, will be of 11.5% with respect to the 2015. Of all the units sold is expected that 40% will be hybrid.


Prius 2016 should re-position itself as one hybrid most sold in the market

At this point there is talk of the Toyota Prius 2016. Presented recently at the iaa in Frankfurt, the hybrid par excellence has been redesigned to be 40% more efficient than its predecessor. It is expected that his arrival impulse once more, the sales of hybrid drives, a segment that is gradually gaining weight in the national market.