Toyota GT 86 GRMN: from Nürburgring to your garage with 220 hp (only if you live in Japan)

Toyota re-teaching us next to Gazoo Racing a spicy evolution Toyota GT 86 that in addition to show off a plant even more aggressive and have more power, comes in the form of a limited edition and with the charm of being a preparation official.

If you like this vitaminado Toyota GT 86 we have a bad news… we will only sell in Japan:

Toyota GT 86 “series” has in Spain a price of 32.300 eur.

Jumps to the view that this GT 86 is not a GT 86 “normal” and under the label of GRMN has received a new splitter front and a new hood carbon fiber in addition, of course, that huge spoiler that crown their behind.

in its interior the most notable feature are their Recaro seats, although we cannot lose sight nor new insertions, and the touch of alcantara or the fact that you have abstained from your multimedia system.

The block boxer 4 cylinders and 2 liters of cubicaje, maximum power, has been duly evolved to go on to develop 220 horses, with a couple of 217 Nm. Let us remember that originally the GT 86 has a power of 200 horses and a torque of 205 Nm.

Surprise your new exhaust system. Framed in a new rear bumper appears a single output in available central, very “racing”.

in Addition to this extra power-the coupe rear-wheel drive now features a manual gearbox with some gear ratios more sports, improved implementation of the part cycle with for a review of their suspensions, new 17-inch wheels and a new set of brakes.

Not only is power and a new set point which provides us with this Toyota GT 86 and of the hand of the carbon fiber and Plexiglas from its windows it has managed to reduce its weight in 45 kg,

yes, we have a bad news. This model is only sold in a limited production of 100 units… and will only be available in the japanese market, with a price of about 49,000 euros at the exchange.

Gallery of images of the Toyota GT 86 GRMN 2016: