Toyota GT 86 “Yellow Limited”: Once upon a Japanese coupé to a spoiler attached was

Toyota GT 86 is exotic, it’s passion, enjoy sensations that it is increasingly difficult to find in modern coupes. Still, Toyota remains one rara avis in Spain. That in 2015 only 32 units have been enrolled is sad, if I may, to unjust. Meanwhile, beyond our borders, the situation is quite different. And that is the reason why the Japanese are working on new lines, new ways to impress, like this Toyota GT 86 “Yellow Limited” will arrive soon to dealerships Japan.

The edition “Yellow Limited”, which currently is only available in Japan, comprising aerodynamic, aesthetic and chassis improvements.

Beyond his body in Yellow Sunrise Yellow, you’ve already seen this Toyota GT 86 “Yellow Limited” has its own aerodynamic package with huge spoiler on the rear wheels BBS 18 “black finish and chrome, leather and Alcantara upholstery with visible consturas yellow, team sports brakes, tires Bridgestone Potenza S001 buffers SACHS , and lower extensions. And finally pingües details that are called to captivate anyone looking for a sport even more spicy and unique, while being aware that engine four-cylinder boxer 2.0-liter displacement and 200 hp, remains the same .

toyota-gt86-2015-yellow-edition-07-1440px Although a Toyota GT 86 starts at 2,987,673 yen (less than 22,000 € according to current exchange rate), this special edition “Yellow Limited” which may also offer some of its aesthetic and aerodynamic improvements as a package of style, will start at 3.3972 million yen, ie € 25,000 at current rates.

Source: Toyota
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