Toyota GT86 “860 Special Edition”, what will come to Europe?

Toyota GT86 860 Special Edition

The Toyota GT86 is a true sports car that makes you feel the road and enjoy it; especially if we talk about mountain sections, or even circuits. In addition, his body coupe and its sporty details are also what make a car appealing on an aesthetic level. Now, the japanese brand launches Toyota GT86 860 Special Edition.

this Is a most engaging version that will try to convince more customers to your acquisition. The Toyota GT86 860 Special Edition will be available only with two colors for your body as are the white “Halo White” and the orange “Super Orange”; the latter exclusive to this edition. Toyota will create 860 units of each color, that is to say, the edition will be limited to 1.720 units.

Toyota GT86 860 Special Edition

The most striking will be the 860 GT86 with the body “Super Orange”. In addition to this new tone of color for your outside, also will include two black stripes on the hood, roof and trunk lid. The 1.720 Toyota GT86 860 Special Edition will bring more details more sports as the new mirror housings, 17-inch wheels or bumper redesigned. As in the model european standard, it includes the lighting of the fog lamps front and rear LED.

In the cockpit there are also changes, as the new TFT screen of 4.2 inches in the instrument cluster that displays information interesting for sporty driving (something that already includes also the european version up-to-date at the end of last year) as oil temperature, voltage, s-meter, G-forces, torque curves and power or timer. You also introduce the heated seats and new upholstery.

If you questions about changes in his mechanics, Toyota has decided to keep it as is. Will continue to use the engine 2.0 boxer source Subaru with 200 HP that is sent to the rear axle with a Torsen limited-slip differential. The signature japanese has not ruled on whether it will arrive also to Europe, although all seems to indicate that it will be in north America.

Source – Toyota USA

Toyota GT86
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