Toyota GT86 Solar Orange Limited Edition, only for Japan

Toyota GT86 Solar Orange Limited EditionThe Toyota GT86 is a sporty with bodywork coupe, propulsion in the rear and a boxer engine of 200 hp. will Not be one of the fastest cars for the circuit, but the level of sensations that offers for its price (about 33,000 euros in Spain) make him one of the true sports more affordable of the market, not to say the most affordable of all.

As you already know, the Toyota GT86 was launched to the market in 2012, although a few months here, you were showing your aesthetic renewal which, to tell the truth, it did not introduce drastic changes in visuals. Virtually identical to the Subaru BRZ, the Toyota GT86 is becoming one of the sports preferred by the youth.

Toyota GT86 Solar Orange Limited EditionThis special edition was launched to the market in their country of origin, Japan, receives the name of Toyota GT86 Solar Orange Limited Edition. With it incorporates a number of modifications to functional and aesthetic that enhance the sportiness of the coupe japanese. The body receives a striking orange color, new shapes in the bumper, three-slat horizontal in the zone of each antinieblas front, as well as the mirror housings black, and a new back spoiler. In the interior features new upholstery and seats specific.

In the technical do not appear better for the engine, but adds a few brakes signed by Brembo with clamps red, suspensions Sachs and a tire specific colour darkened and 17 inches. This set, without a doubt, will increase the sportiness and the sensations of driving, making it a vehicle more suitable for roll rhythms of “fun” in a circuit or on a twisty mountain pass.

Toyota GT86 Solar Orange Limited Edition release scheduled for march 10, although the orders will begin to accept the last day of January. Toyota offers the GT86 Solar Orange with change manual and automatic, with a price change of 26.900 euros for the first and 27.400 euros for the second. A pity that your marketing is exclusive for the japanese market.

Source – Carscoops