Toyota GT86 Style Cb, an alternative option for the lover of classical

toyota 86 style cb 1 e1423679786397 Toyota GT86 Style Cb, una opción alternativa para el amante de lo clásico The Toyota GT86 can stand for many things, but its simple and friendly design is not one of them. On the contrary, it is postulated as a small coupé very Japanese features, nerve and a very aggressive factions. The new GT86 Style Cb is precisely the opposite.

The amendments in this new kit offered by Toyota mainly affect the front, you see in the pictures, has lost the nerve to win sympathy and docility. I would almost say at a glance that has lost up to a dozen horses. Quiet it is not.

toyota 86 style cb 2 e1423679835121 Toyota GT86 Style Cb, una opción alternativa para el amante de lo clásico The Style Cb kit for the Toyota GT86 features a new rounded bumper with a new single central air intake and, in turn, new headlights . These take fully rounded, rather than on the straight and aggressive of serial lines. In addition, offer four bi tone color combinations, to make it a more upscale car if possible. Inside is a new dashboard with a stale appearance.

Where no change is under the hood, you still staying the same block 2.0 4-cylinder boxer 200 horses power. Obviously, maintaining a manual or automatic transmission and rear-wheel drive. It is, therefore, a cosmetic kit that does not affect vehicle performance.

Toyota GT86 Style Cb Now if you like, you can go almost forgetting him. The Toyota GT86 Style Sb is, for now, an exclusive option for the Japanese market, not exactly cheap. A Europe is not expected to arrive this modification kit, although it could be that over the next few months the policy Toyota accepts the challenge.

Source – Toyota

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