Toyota has already sold 9 million of hybrid

Toyota Prius 2016date of 30 April, Toyota, including its brands Toyota and Lexus, has already sold more than 9.000.000-in hybrid cars. Of that total, over a million cars correspond to the subsidiary’s premium Lexus. In addition, the number of hybrids sold is growing more and more rapid, as evidenced by the fact that in nine months, from August 2015, have sold more than a million hybrids the Toyota and Lexus at the global level. 80,000 units are those that have been sold in Spain.

Toyota began its journey hybrid in the year 1997 with the minibus Coaster Hybrid EV, while that same year launched the first generation of its model is more representative, the Toyota Prius. Since then the brand has been launching more hybrid models and covering all kinds of segments, up to the point that currently, at the global level, has in its catalog nothing less than 33 hybrid models, in addition to a plug-in hybrid, being the manufacturer that more bet by this type of mobility.

Toyota RAV4 Hybrid

The Toyota RAV4 Hybrid is the first SUV generalist with this technology

For the year 2020, Toyota hopes to commercialize 1.5 million hybrid cars per year, as well as to achieve the 15 million hybrids sold. It is estimated that up to the moment, the various hybrids that Toyota has sold, have resulted in savings of 67 million tons in emissions of CO2 and 25,000 million litres of gasoline.

The sales of hybrid Toyota picked up pace, especially after 2007, when they reached the first million of units sold, reaching the five million in 2013. Of course, with more 3.7 million units sold, the Toyota Prius throughout its four generations it is the best-selling model of the brand, not counting other models that also make up this name, such as the Prius +. The second best-selling model, surpassing the 600,000 units is the Toyota Prius C, which is not marketed in Europe. If we are talking about Lexus is the RX the best-selling, that 338.000 units is the model with more path, already have three generations who have been offered these engines.

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