Toyota i-Road as an example of sustainable mobility

The sustainable mobility is presented as one of the goals that many different cars companies intend to come with the creation of the new and most advanced models. Such is the case of the new Toyota i-Road , which merges the functionality of a motorcycle with a car.

Toyota i-Road como ejemplo de movilidad sostenible

Opportunity to reduce emissions of polluting gases in the atmosphere is an ideal that can be used in our routine life thanks to the new fleet was launched in the city of Paris with Toyota i-Road above as a champion of the new action.

Toyota i-Road to sustainable mobility

The main objective of this campaign sustainable mobility aim bet with EVs that will be scattered throughout the city that can be rented and become the perfect network to complement public transport.

But beyond being more efficient and environmentally friendly, one of the peculiarities of electric cars like the new Toyota i-Road is in its unique design. Depending on the perspective, we sometimes think that we have a car, but others will be similar to a motorcycle. Specialized in car use company stock called Cité Lib and Toyota conducted in the French city of Grenoble, France, this project to bring it to expand to other cities around the world.

Toyota i-Road para una movilidad sostenible With a total 70 models , among which includes a total 35 Toyota i-Road Vehicles This type of car not only reduces pollution prevalent in the environment but while their small size, just take up space compared to a conventional car, because they fit together 3 models like this in a place with common garage.

Tourists or users who want to rent these vehicles can be registered in the system through a single application that can be accessed from your mobile device. Thanks to its facilities, you will know the availability of vehicles and station locations.

Due to the cost of acquiring a private EV has promoted this new alternative, if the price is dependent on runtime. To give you an idea, the first 15 minutes cost a total of three euros. You can pick up your car at one station and leave comfortably in an uncompromising.

Toyota i-Road

What do you think about the new project led by Toyota i-Road as an example of sustainable mobility ?

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