Toyota ICS: the system that reduces up to 70% accidents

Toyota - sistema ICS

The system ICS of Toyota allows to reduce accidents by up to 70%.

Toyota has released the results of a study that has been carried out with three of their models in Japan (released in the year 2015) and who have been involved in some 2,500 accidents occurred between January 2015 and June 2016. To do this, the japanese manufacturer has collaborated with a number of insurance companies that cover the policies of around 60,000 vehicles, revealing interesting data about your system ICS. A technology capable of reduce up to 70% losses produced by errors associated with the use of the vehicle’s pedals.

The system ICS (Sonar-Separation Smart in Spanish) also allows to reduce up to 40% of the accidents related to the back. Thanks to these three vehicles were among the equipment with this technology, they were able to avoid or mitigate the damage in case of collision during maneuvers of parking. A system of driving assistance capable of considerably reducing the losses.

How the system works ICS of Toyota

So is the performance of the system ICS of Toyota.

system ICS of Toyota makes use of a sonar that you can to detect obstacles the boot sharply by a mistake by stepping on the pedals, something that helps mitigate the damage in case of collision. The first models that were subjected to this analysis were the Alphard, Vellfire, as well as the well-known Prius. The three models launched during the past year 2015.

These three Toyota models come equipped with a few additional sensors, so that the range of detection of obstacles is increased in a remarkable way. On the other hand, have a improved software to increase the performance of the system. In addition to mitigate damages in the event of a collision caused by an error in the use of the pedals, the system ICS also can avoid the collision of the vehicle and obstacles adjacent to or reduce the damages in case of a collision at low speed or in maneuvering for parking. Even without mistakes by using the pedals.

Toyota is one of the manufacturers most committed to equip serial all its models with a host of safety systems. And a clear example of this is the recent launch in Spain of the Toyota Auris 2017, that now comes standard across the range package Toyota Safety Sense, including systems and technologies as interesting as the warning of involuntary change of lane, or the recognition of traffic signals.