Toyota India proposes to eliminate benefits for cars under 4 meters


Toyota-Etios-Liva E n India a regulation stating that those vehicles does not exceed 4 meters in length can access certain [1.99901 million] profits tax that allows terminals to achieve a much more competitive price sale.

The legislation that benefits the vehicles under 4 meters resulted in some curious products.

But this regulation gives rise to certain distortions in what has to do with the design of the cars, as manufacturers have struggled over the years to meet this requirement allowing them access a profit taxes .

Within that regulations framed achieved the most diverse vehicles , from compact sedans and hatchbacks through to minivans and SUVs, which have been modified or specifically designed to meet with that legislation.

Of course, sometimes it means the same car be developed in two different body configurations , as is the case with the new generation Ford Ka sedan, which in India is called Figo and measures less than 4 meters, while that produced in Brazil [1.99901 million] for the rest of the international markets is longer .


The Ford KA sedan for India is shorter than the international

Although this benefit is well regarded by many manufacturers, Toyota’s eyes it is a distortion that the government should solve. This was stated [1.99901 million] Naomi Ishii Director [1.99901 million] Toyota in that country, who recently said [1.99901 million] the elimination of these benefits only help improve success in the

automotive sector in India.

Toyota believes that eliminating this law, the terminals will enhance its benefits to develop global products.

Ishii believes that the current regulations export possibilities in the sector are restricted .

On the other hand believes that without the need to build a car under 4 meters, the marks could concentrate on developing [1.99901 million] global vehicle , which ultimately benefit the sector to improve competitiveness.

Currently, Toyota only sells to hatchback Etios Liva within the segment of sub 4 meters, while all other products are larger, including a sedan variant the Etios and Corolla , Innova, Fortuner and Camry.


A shortened Logan gave birth to the Mahindra Verito Bive

Under this legislation also arose some modifications to existing models , which ended with the less aesthetically disturbing results.

One of the most memorable was a variant produced by Mahindra Renault Logan for the Indian market, with a posterior cut to accommodate it within the rules, which will call Bive Mahindra Verito.


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