Toyota innova to get vehicles prepared for natural disasters


Since the disastrous 2011 earthquake in the Tohoku region of japan,, in Toyota have taken very seriously the innovation of new vehicles so that they can provide help in case of natural disasters.

On that occasion the leaders of the country and the own brand of cars, realized that in moments of crisis what is urgent need is to get electricity, to rescue as for adapting to the extremely low temperatures of the region japan.

The result of these conclusions, it is presented to us by Toyota after several years of innovation and development, with the name of Toyota Mirai and his pile of fuel, or the recent Toyota Prius Plug-in hybrid. These cars have a dual purpose, as means of transport as electric generators for cases of emergency.


it Is the particular contribution of Toyota to soften minimally disasters caused by the natural disasters. This type of progress come from the suggestions of their customers to propose to the mark that this type of innovation possible.

The general feature of this electric system’s power supply is capable of supplying a total of 1.5 KW, so that a car with the deposit charged is capable of providing electrical energy at maximum power for 2 days.

In the year 2014, Toyota introduced to the market Mirai, whose propulsion is given through a hydrogen fuel cell. Its capability of zero emissions of harmful gases binds to the particular feature of providing power in case of need as a generator. This type of energy is able to provide a total of 9 KW, which means that it is able to sextuplicar the battery capacity of electric power.


Toyota shows us a future that gives the hand to the environment in addition to providing us a green transport and a system with which we can feel much more safe in cases of natural disaster.