Toyota invests in connectivity to their vehicles


to get a connectivity service excellent, in Toyota have been proposed to create a global platform of communications for communications networks around the world are suitable for the connectivity of their vehicles.

Data Communications Module or DCM has been the denomination with which Toyota has appointed to its platform that will be operational in 2019. For the next year, the new models of Toyota and Lexus take advantage of this platform in Japan and the united States and later in the rest of the world.

The development has been coupled to KDDI Corporation, telecommunications company japanese, and both have created this platform that allows the communication between vehicles and the services hosted in the cloud. Basically the platform will make an intermediary between the vehicle and an operator telecommunications by country.

To ensure the consistency of the connection not to resort to services of international roaming and shall regularly monitor the state and quality of telecommunications in an integrated way.

Of time have 600 telecom operators around the world compiled by KDDI over the years and of which choose the networks of each country that will be part of the platform, and once popularized the platform, making it available to other companies.