Toyota is the car brand most valuable in 2017


Toyota is the car brand more valuable, 2017, at a global level.

One more year, we already have the Top 10 car brands most valuable globally. The guys from BrandZ has made public the data of the ranking for 2017, and the truth, there is very interesting data. Toyota is the car brand most valuable of 2017. The japanese firm repeat place in the top of the table as a signature of the automotive world’s most valuable, with a value of 28.700 million dollars.

Although this is a record very important, with regard to the 2016 Toyota suffers a decline of 3%, respectively. In the global ranking of most valuable brands (at a general level), Toyota occupies the post 30.

Returning to the ranking of car brands, more valuable of 2017, just behind Toyota’s we have in the second position to the BMW and Mercedes-Benz . The Top 3 remains unchanged with respect to last year. In fourth position is placed Ford and Honda doing the same in fifth.


BMW returns to occupy the second position in this ranking.

having a look at the sixth position, have a Nissan, that generally closes the Top 100 of most valuable brands. Within the Top 10 firms of automotive more valuable, Tesla is the highest growth recorded, increasing its value by 32%. Recall that in ranking of the last year, the popular signature of electric cars made an appearance for the first time.

In the ninth and tenth place we have to Land Rover and Porsche respectively. The british brand has increased its value by 17%, thanks to the incessant demand of the SUV while Porsche has achieved a rise of 16% due to their popularity in asian markets like Singapore or Taiwan.

Without a doubt, has been a successful year in terms of sales, the total value of mark of the ten leading brands of automobiles has remained at 139.200 millions of dollars, while it transforms into a slight decline with respect to the ranking of 2016, factors such as innovation and connectivity have been decisive in the maintenance of positions or the growth that they have obtained some marks.


Mercedes-Benz closes the Top 3.

Top 10 car brands most valuable in 2017

Ranking 2017 Ranking 2016 Brand brand Value 2017 (million $) % change brand value Position in the Top 100 (2017)
1 1 Toyota 28.660 -3% 30
2 2 BMW 24.559 -8% 35
3 3 Mercedes-Benz 23.513 +4% 40
4 5 Ford 13.065 0% 83
5 4 Honda 12.163 -8% 91
6 6 Nissan 11.341 -1% 100
7 7 Audi 9.393 -1%
8 10 Tesla 5.876 +32%
9 8 Land Rover 5,534 +17%
10 9 Porsche 5.141 +16%