Toyota is working on a new generation of batteries for electric vehicles

Toyota y las baterías para vehículos eléctricos

Toyota aims to develop a new generation of batteries for electric vehicles.

just a few days Ago confirmed what had been hinting at for a long time, and in the end is that Toyota will focus on the electric vehicle. The world’s largest manufacturer of hybrid cars bet for pure electric vehicles in the face to the year 2020. However, in addition to working in this new family of models, the japanese brand is also working in many other fields related with the electric vehicle.

Toyota will develop a new generation of batteries for its electric vehicles. The manufacturer nippon is aware that current batteries have a durability and limited capacity. It is for this reason that the new batteries in which they are working will allow the manufacturer to produce electric cars with up to 15% longer runtime. This has been commented Hisao Yamashige, Researcher of Batteries from Toyota.

“The lithium-ion battery is a key technology for the transition to the electric vehicle. However, there is a clear need to improve their performance to make them more durable and increase their capacity”.

Toyota iQ EV - posterior

Toyota have already made their first steps in the segment of the electric vehicle with the Toyota iQ EV.

Yamashige has been pointed out that, thanks to the collaboration agreements that Toyota has with public entities, japanese universities, can investigate the current technology to improve it for the next years. Although not entered into many details, Hisao Yamashige revealed that they have been able to verify in real time the movement of the lithium ions within the electrodes.

To be able to “take a look” to that movement, in real time, the researcher of Toyota clarifies that can create a new batteries whose lithium-ion to move in a way matched and so reduce warming, improve their autonomy and increase their useful time of life.

The project will begin to work the company will begin to take shape at the end of this 2016. This has been confirmed by the Executive Director of the japanese brand. The idea of Toyota is to create a new company in which to allocate all of the resources relevant for the development of electric vehicles, their batteries and motors. In addition, will count with the collaboration of Aisin Seiki and Denso (companies specialized in transmissions and electronics).