Toyota Italy: € 7,000 discount if you change your old diesel for a hybrid

sales of passenger cars electric and hybrid have grown significantly in Spain in this 2017, approximately 80%; while sales of diesel models have fallen quite a bit, and the gasoline have increased. A 65 % of the sales of the brands Toyota and Lexus in Spain on the whole have belonged to hybrid models, and it is that are two companies focused very deeply into hybrid vehicles.

Now, a news more than curious reaches us from Italy. In the “country of the boot”, Toyota -as a brand – announces that remove the mechanical diesel various models; specifically the Yaris, Auris and RAV4, which will join to the Aygo, Prius and CH-R which do not have mechanical diesel in your offer. Is more, the sales of vehicles with diesel engines to Toyota Italy represent only 6 %, so that it has a lot of logic.

But what most attracts the attention is that, at least for now, the Italian subsidiary of the japanese constructor offers incentives of up to € 7,000 to those clients that give you a car diesel old to acquire a new hybrid Toyota. An offer more tempting that is sure to attract many new customers which are passed to the electrification and help the brand to offset “losses” by the cessation of marketing of diesel models.

The unique model of volume in the, for Toyota Italy, has a relatively high demand for the diesel version is the Toyota RAV4. The share of diesel in this model is 18 %, but, apparently, during the last months of the past year had a clear decrease. For its part, it should be noted that both the RAV4 as the Toyota Auris there neither are traded with mechanical gasoline, that is to say, are only sold in hybrid versions.

The two Toyota models that offer engines diesel in Italy are the Toyota Land Cruiser and Toyota Hilux, which logically need engines of diesel to reduce fuel consumption and CO2 emissions, in addition to improve the delivery of energy at low spins.

it Is curious that the first market of the south of Europe where it has carried out this strategy by Toyota is Italy, so there the sales of diesel models exceeded 50 %. Toyota Europe has declared that the situation of the market will be the one who will determine if the company dispenses with the diesel in most of their models in other countries of the Old Continent. The hybrid Toyota accounted for 50 % of their total sales in Western Europe, being diesel only the 15 %.

Source – Automotive News

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