Toyota JPN Taxi Concept, evolution, the taxi japanese face 2018

Toyota taxi JapónIn the Hall the Automobile of Tokyo Toyota will present a model of vital importance, the Toyota JPN Taxi Concept. Indeed, this model dates back to the Hall of Tokyo 2013, but this year the japanese have a variant evolved, more similar to the model that could reach the market before 2018 as a taxi for japan, relieving and gradually the mythical Toyota Comfort, which are the taxis more popular in japan.

bet Toyota reminds us a lot of taxis in london, are also pending to be renewed with the new LTC TX5. The Toyota JPN Taxi Concept has been developed thinking of the use of space to offer maximum comfort to the passengers. As well, your body has a height generous, which together with a soil under and around doors rear sliding doors, electric drive, making it very easy to get on and off of the car. It is possible that travel wheelchairs on the inside, as a way of removing barriers.

Toyota taxi Japón

Toyota also promises a high ride comfort and a lot of maneuverability for this new model of taxi, that will equip a new engine more efficient. Make use of a composite propellant LPG which is still in development phase. Combine a combustion engine capable of running with petrol and LPG together with an electric motor, thereby reducing the pollutant emissions of the extensive fleet of taxis in japan.

Toyota will release more details of the JPN Taxi Concept next 28 October, when the Hall of Tokyo to open its doors. To do this publish a video where we hope to be able to see the main features of this new model.

Toyota taxi Japón

Sources – Toyota