Toyota launched the second stage of the development of the i-Road electric


Its easy to park it is remarkable.

Toyota will launch this September, the the second stage of the project Open Road, consisting in the development of the new electric vehicle compact i-Road tests using actual usage made by volunteers, and private clients. The first phase of this program began precisely last summer, concluding successfully in July 2016.

Now, after a year of testing by real customers, Toyota extends this initiative with a second round of testing, which in this occasion will count also with operating companies in addition to private clients. These tests will be limited to the city of Tokyo, the same location of the first stage of this development program.

likewise, the japanese brand will increase the number of points of service partners, such as the parking spaces for the exclusive and charging points were created for these test units, spread across various points of the city of Tokyo.


Nor a car or motorcycle, all-in-one.

According to Toyota, the first part of this program was very successful for the clients-testers, which accounted for a total of 96 participants. The opinion of the majority of these customers was quite favorable for the small electric tricycle of Toyota, emphasizing above all the ease of use and comfort to the hour to park the small two-seater.

The reason for these tests is not other that the own development of both the vehicle and the infrastructure required within the city, exploiting in this way the real experiences of the pilots participating in this test.

This curious electric vehicle, futuristic is a two-seater that is powered by two small electric motors 1.9 kW, coupled to each of the front wheels. Its total power is only 5,2 HP, more than enough to move the small tricycle of 300 pounds up to a top speed self-limited to 45 km/h. The autonomy of its lithium battery is of 50 miles and recharges in only 3 hours.