Toyota manages to reach the milestone of 100,000 hybrids sold


The hybrid range from Toyota.

The Spanish division of Toyota introduced the different national media this week results 2016. Figures that are still to be confirmed in the absence of a few weeks of close really the year, but already show some data, which are very positive with respect to the previous year.

The total sales of Toyota Spain, excluding the figures of Toyota Canarias, will close by 2016 with a growth of 12.5 percent, with a total approximate estimated 58.500 units, which places it as the eighth brand in the ranking of enrolments in the sector of passenger cars to individuals, excluding fleet, and RAC.

But one of the milestones most striking obtained by the japanese brand this year has been the exceed 100,000 units of hybrid vehicles delivered in our country, with more than 77,000 units of the Toyota and more than 23,000 Lexus since Toyota began marketing the Prius in the year 2000.


Evolution of sales of Toyota hybrid in our market.

The trajectory of the hybrid range from Toyota is going in crescendo, with most of 25,000 units delivered only in 2016, by adding both the Toyota models as the division’s premium Lexus. A figure is very creditable, especially if we consider that in his first year, he only sold 11 units of the Prius in our country.

by Adding all the markets where the brand is present, as are more than 9 million hybrid vehicles that have been commercialized in the world, making Toyota the first manufacturer in the world in terms of this typology of vehicles.

Currently, the best-selling model is not the Prius, the original model with which Toyota premiered this technology, but the Auris, which is sold in our country in body five-door hatchback or family Touring Sports. Of these, the brand has already delivered more than 30,000 units, of which the majority correspond to the variant of five doors. After these two models are already the own Prius, now in its fourth generation, with about 25,000 copies.


Range hybrid Lexus.

In regards to Lexus, the hybrid most sold is the CT, which has already surpassed the 7,000 units delivered. After this we can already find the RX, the first SUV hybrid in our market, which has also surpassed the 6,000 units.