Toyota Motor is ready to release its hybrid technology

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If we talk about hybrid vehicles and ask any person passing by close to us which brands are the ones that manufacture this type of car surely only shall appoint Toyota. The car manufacturer japanese has achieved a milestone in the automotive sector, and is no more to be a reference in terms of hybrid technology. Your banner is the Prius, and now that his range is much wider that you are redirecting their marketing efforts towards another type of energy.

The japanese firm has in its possession several hybrid models (not to mention its premium brand Lexus, which a good part of their models are powered by this technology) and has become the favorite of the public in the whole world. However would be willing to that its hybrid technology could get more marks in order to improve the environment and reduce step the pollution emitted from cars.

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With this industrial movement Toyota also would be doing that its technology is sold to more brands and thus its cost of development would also be reduced significantly. This is very simple because more brands are riding your hybrid system, more units have to manufacture and the lower the unit cost of development and production.

therefore, all the world would occur this openness to technology. According to Toshiyuki Mizushima, head of engine development of Toyota, want to get closer to more marks, in order to globalize the use of the hybrid technology. For which would be thinking about working with its suppliers to make it easier to share certain mechanical parts without the cost of research and development will see increased.

Be that as it may, the idea of open a technology to rival brands is not new in the sector since Tesla is also practicing. however, it is something very positive to the industry that without a high investment in mechanical brands will be able to launch to the market hybrids more than reliable and very sparing.

Congratulations for this initiative Toyota.

Source – Toyota Motor Corporation

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