Toyota Motor is the next in the list of Trump to accosted

Toyota Corolla

it Seems that Donald Trump instead of being a President of the united States focused on have good business relationships with their neighbors and countries with which they have always worked is more focused on separating and create divisions that open new avenues of trade and international collaboration. We don’t know the why of your hatred towards Mexico and other countries of the world, but the damage that this can do to the world economy is more important than it may seem at first glance.

we All know that has gotten involved with General Motors for wanting to take the manufacturing of the Chevrolet Cruze to Mexico and Ford for the construction of a new factory. General Motors still has not been pronounced in this regard, but Ford has already cancelled the $ 1,600 million that would invest in the aztec country. However, it seems that this dirty war will not end here, because now the target of their “comings of pot” is the japanese manufacturer Toyota.

Toyota Corolla de primera y última generación

Toyota is building a new factory in Mexico, specifically in the town of Apaseo el Grande in Guanajuato State. This plant is thought to manufacture the next generation of the Corolla, in addition to other models for the local market and appendages. With this measure will improve the profitability of the model directly to the global accounts of the company.

however, it seems that this idea is not liked the future president of the united States. Trump has already launched against this decision, as the tycoon wants the best-selling model in the firm follow produced locally in the united States. In this indictment has informed (as to the rest of rival brands) that will have to pay high tariffs to be able to sell its cars in the country.

To counteract this accusation signature japan has sent a press release in which announces that the activity that the brand has in the united States and of its commitments will not change and that jobs will continue despite the relocation of part of production to Mexico.

Source – Toyota Motor Corporation