Toyota Motors announces a new investment in the united States

Toyota Highlander

the united States already has a new president and it seems that is not taking too long to fulfill his election promises. Donald Trump has already lying in the trans-Pacific Economic partnership (TPP) and its following steps are aimed at shielding the country’s economy. Within its plans is to increase the tax burden to the cars manufactured outside of the united States and this decision is causing the car brands are announcing massive investments in factories that are in the country.

Toyota Motors Corporation is one of the that is in addition to Ford, FCA and General Motors to inject capital in one of their factories american. As has been communicated by the japanese firm the plant that they have in Princeton (Indiana) you will receive about 600 million dollars to improve their productive lines, so as to increase its productive capacity. This plant manufactures the immense Toyota Highlander and now that the big SUVS are going to attract the attention of consumers in the united States they want to increase their manufacturing to cover the demand.

Toyota Highlander

By issuing a press release, the company has informed that this investment will be destined to cover two basic aspects. On the one hand, the improvement of the factory to modernize the productive lines, so as to increase the productive capacity of the model to 40,000 units manufactured per year. In second place is the create up to 400 new jobs to assume the additional manufacturing of the model since the Highlander is increasing its sales considerably.

This investment is located within stile global 10,000 million dollars in investments that Toyota has announced, in the past Auto Show in Detroit, to improve all their factories and plants throughout the world. The start of the works to improve the factory is planned for the middle of the year 2019 but what we don’t know is when you will have incorporated the new 400 workers to the template.

Source – Toyota Motors Corporation