Toyota Motors will close its factory australian to the end of the year

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Australia has always been a country with an idiosyncrasy, a very marked in its nature, way of life and customs. The automotive sector would not be less, since the inhabitants of the great island have some tastes and preferences that have little or nothing are similar to those we have in the rest of the world. These tastes always have well-known brands of cars and to keep them happy would have given them the products that they liked.

however, globalization has made Australia is all, is less competitive to manufacture in local soil cars which were then sold there. Because of the escalation of the costs of manufacturing, and the global economic crisis, the margins and profits of the brands with factories in the country were reduced to a minimum. Therefore, the firms that had plants decided to shut down and is now Toyota puts expiry date to their stay in Australia.

Toyota Aurion

The japanese firm currently manufactured locally, the Toyota Aurion, Camry and Camry in Hybrid version. The estimated production for this year is about 60 thousand units, and of them, only about 26 thousand remain in the country. With these numbers it is very difficult to justify the existence of a factory for the country since more than half of the units being produced will eventually be sold in other foreign markets.

For this simple reason, Toyota has confirmed that the deadline for the closure of their factory of Altona (west of Melbourne) will be the 3rd day of October of this year. While the end is near, the firm has decided that the first model that will be required to cease its manufacture on the Aurion with petrol engine in V6 configuration. The second to leave the assembly lines will be the Camry Hybrid and the Camry’s conventional. All of this will run in the months of August, September and October thanks to the two shifts work (morning and afternoon) that will remain active in the plant until their final closure.

in Addition, Toyota has also announced that [19459004its]organizational structure in the country is also reduced. The company’s headquarters will move from Sydney to Port Melbourne, and by the way will only be 1,300 employees.

Source – Toyota Motors