Toyota partners with Nvidia for their autonomous cars

Toyota Nvidia Coche Autónomo

The other day I talked about the technology of artificial intelligence and autonomous cars, in particular, of the cities of South Korea and the united States are building to the companies of their countries to be able to test these innovations.

is Now Toyota which is combined with Nvidia, a company dedicated to the manufacture of from graphics cards to computers, through tablets to supercomputers. It is not the only alliance that Nvidia keeps up with manufacturers of cars, as also have contact with Audi and Mercedes, providing, for example, the Virtual Cockpit to the brand of Ingolstadt.

Toyota Coche Autónomo

We are talking not only of development but of introducing the vehicles in the market. Now we incorporate the largest car manufacturer in Japan to the portfolio of our platform Drive PX,” said Danny Shapiro, Senior Director in the department of automotive of Nvidia.

Its collaboration with Toyota only reaffirms the rapid expansion of the automotive sector is experiencing, where car manufacturers, technology companies and hardware vendors will change, little by little, our way of conducting and understand the car, unfortunately for many.

future autonomous cars of Toyota will use the supercomputer of artificial intelligence Nvidia Drive PX, which uses a learning technology by fusing the data coming from the cameras, radar devices, lidar, and sensors of the car, to control the different scenarios with the car -and the driver – will be on the road.

Toyota Nvidia Coches Autonomos

Toyota has worked in technology driving autonomous for 20 years with the main objective of reducing accidents to zero, and in addition, providing a better flow of traffic on the roads, by which we can all benefit from it. – said Ken Koibuchi, executive of Toyota, on the collaboration with Nvidia.

Nvidia also claims that the processor Xavier incorporated in your supercomputrador of artificial intelligence, Drive PX, it fits in the palm of the hand and that develops 30 trillion operations deep learning for second.