Toyota pays tribute to Initial D with this fantastic GT86-inspired sleeve

If you don’t know Initial D possibly not you’ll be reading this. Initial D is a comic japanese manga created by Suichi Shigeno. The protagonist of Initial D is a kid named Takumi Fujiwara, who perfects his skills of driving using a Toyota AE86. It does so while spreading the tofu on the stove his father, owner of a small eatery at the top of a mountain. It is one of the comics that started a fascination of the worship of the drifting, and one of those that has most contributed to the fame of the Toyota AE86 classics. This Toyota GT 86 is a tribute to the ideal.

Initial D catapulted him into stardom to the Toyota AE86 and globalized japanese culture of drifting.

To the point that Toyota designed the current GT 86 after the dynamics and balance prestacional of the iconic AE86. It is now Toyota UK which pays homage to Initial D, manufacturing a unit commemorative, decorated with the same color scheme of the AE86 of Takumi Fujiwara. It is not a car that Toyota go to make the sale, but will give you enough exposure to public, navigating a multitude of events car over the summer. It also gives a lot of ideas to the owners of a Toyota GT 86.

initial-d-gt-86-toyota-4The replica is almost perfect. Use a few wheels RS Watanabe of small diameter, and mounts a gear train updated using a sports suspension signed by TRD (Toyota Racing Deveolpments). It has also received some new anti-roll signed by Cusco, and the hood has been replaced by a more lightweight, is made of carbon fiber. Their antinieblas are yellow, and the body carries proud a scheme bittern, with the bottom painted in black color and decorated with inscriptions in japanese.

initial-d-gt-86-toyota-5These inscriptions speak of a certain tofu shop that fans of Initial D will recognize. Takes fenders, housings in carbon fiber for the mirrors and some other detail aesthetic, like a small lip in the front bumper. Its interior has not received amendments of importance. Since then, if you were the owner of a GT 86, would be required to seriously this decoration. I think that Toyota will have to stop offering kits similar. How beautiful it is.

Source: Toyota