Toyota Pixis Joy, a new family of small 'kei cars' specific to Japan


Toyota Pixis Joy C

, The category of ‘kei car’ gains a new member with the Toyota Pixis Joy: in reality, we are faced with a new family that includes three models, and as is quite usual in this type of vehicle, shall not be placed beyond Japan. With a length of 3.4 metres, the Toyota Pixis Joy will be small areas that will have tax benefits, and special parking.

Beginning with the Toyota Pixis Joy F, we are in the version more urban and elegant, with a bumper specific design, chrome accents on its exterior (present on the handles of their doors, front grille and side skirts, for example) and trimmed specific to your interior.

If we continue with the Toyota Pixis Joy C, here the customization adopts traits crossover, very apparent in a few bumper more robust, with protection at the bottom and a frame that surrounds their antinieblas. The black plastic extends to the wheel arches and to the bottom of its sides, supplemented with a suspension that elevates your height in 25 mm additional.


Toyota Pixis Joy S

finally, the Toyota Pixis Joy S is the most athletic of the three in its design, with bumpers and alloy wheels the specific rear view mirrors and C-pillars, color-red, sport-tuned suspension and an interior that stands out for its upholstered in faux leather and, again, details in red. All of them will be available with a turbo engine of 660 cm3, in two levels of power: 55 HP or 64 HP, the latter with intercooler.

An automatic change-type CVT will be the only transmission available for these models. Designed and manufactured by Daihatsu, belonging to Toyota and a specialist in this type of vehicles, their small size makes them specific models for Japan, where these ‘kei cars’ are very successful, so it is highly unlikely to be marketed beyond its borders.