Toyota presents the new range of mechanical Dynamic Force


New 4-cylinder 2.5-litre and direct-injection for the Camry 2018.

Toyota has unveiled a new range of mechanical elements, so-called Dynamic Force and that has been especially designed for the new global platform TNGA (Toyota’s Next Generation Architecture). This new platform was released in the current generation of Prius and used models such as recent C-HR or the future generation of the Camry, whose model 2018 will be presented next January during the Detroit motor show 2017.

This new series of mechanical elements is comprised of a new block of 4-cylinder, two transmissions and three hybrid systems new bill. These will arrive on the market in new models from next year. In total, between 2017 and 2021 we will see birth 17 new variations of 9 motors, 10 versions of 4 streams and 10 versions of 6 hybrid systems.

These new elements have been developed for to improve the efficiency of the current systems, both at the level of consumption and emissions as well as thermal efficiency, and from here to 2021 will be installed in at least 60 percent of the vehicles Toyota and Lexus.


New lithium batteries will increase the electric range of the hybrids.

The new mechanical four will be premiered this January in the Camry in 2018, will have direct injection 2.5-liter, and boasts a improvement of 40 percent in its thermal efficiency, according to the brand, one of the most efficient engines in the market in this aspect.

The new hybrid systems boast better performance, both in acceleration and at higher speeds and above all, a more compact size. Will be available for front wheel drive vehicles or rear and will have new lithium batteries that will increase the autonomy in electric mode, above 60 kilometers.

The two new transmissions presented are automatic, 8 relationships for models of front-wheel-drive and 10-speed models rear-wheel-drive. These new boxes are posted with a more quick and direct, as well as more lightweight and compact.