Toyota Prius + 2016, small improvements to the minivan hybrid

Toyota Prius + 2016

Toyota Prius + 2016 Midnight Blue

Toyota continues to update its range of models in 2016 and now the turn has come to introduce improvements in their minivan, hybrid Toyota Prius + 2016. The only vehicle with these features of the market receives a series of improvements that give increased equipment and greater ride comfort, in addition to introducing the color palette the new color Midnight Blue.

The most important changes of the Toyota Prius + 2016 correspond to the mechanical hybrid, which has been rescheduled to provide a operation more quiet and pleasant. To maintain the 136 horsepower of the engine 1.8, and the electric when they work together, but now gives more prominence to the thrust power that the gasoline engine in strong accelerations, preventing the engine revolutions both and resulting in a lower noise. Now the acceleration is more linear and the sound of the engine and the speed increase they have a greater connection.

Toyota Prius + 2016

Google Streetview is one of the interesting features of the new multimedia computer

This driving comfort is also enhanced thanks to the best acoustic insulation with which the Toyota Prius + 2016. The minivan hybrid has more absorbent material of the sound on the platform, the frame and doors, as well as on the tailgate, the dash and centre tunnel.

In terms of equipment, the Prius + 2016 receives the new multimedia system Toyota Touch 2, with a new touch screen more intuitive and more functions, such as navigation Google Streetview, the traffic information or Google search. The minivan also features a new design of the key and the starter button, as well as a greater level of information on the TFT screen of the box of watches. The two finishes are more high end of the range, Advance and Executive, which include new floor mats, Velorus and thresholds of door, chrome plated with the inscription Hybrid.

Price of Toyota Prius + 2016 in Spain

Toyota Prius + 2016 interiorprices include discounts and promotional Plan PIVE. Many families can get better prices with the PIVE special for this group.

Engine Change Finish Price
Hybrid 136 HP CVT ECHO 28.150 €
Hybrid 136 HP CVT Advance 32.700 €
Hybrid 136 HP CVT Executive 35.250 €

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